Feature Film | The Lazarus Effect

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Feature Film | A Faster Horse

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Feature Film | Mall

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Absolut | Greyhound

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Fandango | Hot Man

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Versace | Bright Crystal

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Western Union | World of Betters

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Rhapsody | Know Your Jay-Z


Mercedes Benz | Through and Through

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Disney | Jonas Brothers Opening Titles

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Kanye West | Welcome to Heartbreak


Bloc Party | Signs


Big Sean feat. Lil Wayne | Beware

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Linkin Park | Hunting Party

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Linkin Park | Waiting for the End

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Linkin Park | Iridescent

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Linkin Park | Until It's Gone

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Linkin Park | Burn It Down

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Linkin Park | Living Things Album Art

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Linkin Park | A Light That Never Comes

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Will.I.Am feat. Justin Bieber - #Thatpower

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Paramount | World War Z - Muse

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Paramount | Transformers 2 - Linkin Park

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Paramount | Transformers 4 - Imagine Dragons

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Paramount | Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Shell Shocked

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Paramount | Mission Impossible 4 - Tiesto


Paramount | GI Joe Retaliation